Kylie Jenner may have thought she was being amusing with her recent Instagram post that flaunted her grotesque level of wealth - but it has had the opposite effect.

Jenner posted an image of herself with partner Travis Scott in between their two private jets, with the caption: "you wanna take mine or yours ?" but didn't reckon upon the criticism that she'd receive after it was revealed that she was fond of using her jet for very short trips - some of them under 10 minutes.

In fact, not only has it sparked a backlash against the influencer, but it has also drawn attention to the fact that Jenner is far from the only celebrity who abuses air travel by taking short flights for no good reason.

Celebrities including Mark Wahlberg, Kim Kardashian, Floyd Mayweather and others have been slammed for polluting the air with Co2 emissions - but now one of them, Drake, has responded to the backlash.

The Canadian rapper was revealed via the CelebJets Twitter account - which logs celebrities' private jet journeys and their duration - to have taken a 14-minute flight that used 402 gallons of fuel costing $2,729, and emitted 4 tonnes of Co2. The distance covered was just 38 miles.

After a Toronto-based journalist pointed out how Drake was "part of the problem", saying "Canadians will complain about climate change then pay thousands to go to the next Drake concert, acting like he isn’t taking his private jet on flights from Hamilton to Toronto", the rapper replied.

He claimed that the plane was being moved from one location to another, and that he was not on board.

This is just them moving planes to whatever airport they are being stored at for anyone who was interested in the logistics,” he wrote, commenting under a post by Real Toronto News. "Nobody takes that flight.”

One of the more surprising recent entries on the CelebJets account, meanwhile, was that of Steven Spielberg's jet.

The legendary film director - or at least his plane - has been in Ireland in recent days, with his jet making the 35-minute-long flight from Charlestown, Co. Mayo to Shannon on July 21st, and then a return journey on July 25th. It has since departed Ireland for London.