Just think for a second about how actually humble you'd have to be in order to turn that down.

You're Dolly Parton. You're a country music icon.

You've literally helped fund vaccine development for COVID-19. You wrote 'Jolene' and 'I Will Always Love You' on the same day. You were in 'Rhinestone' and your career never once floundered because of it. You made Stephen Colbert openly cry on television. Any one of those things is reason enough to have a statue of yourself somewhere in the world.

The statue was due to be built in her native Tennessee in recognition for all the work Parton's done for her state, but of course, she turned it down in a statement posted to Twitter yesterday evening and asked the state legislature to remove the bill from consideration.

"I hope, though, that somewhere down the road several years from now, or perhaps after I'm gone if you still feel I deserve it, then I'm certain I will stand proud in our great State Capitol as a grateful Tennessean," Parton wrote. "In the meantime, I'll continue to try to do good work to make this great state proud."

In all fairness, a statue doesn't go far enough.