We always knew that Dolly Parton could save the world, but now she's proven her worth as humankind's saviour. Well, kinda.

As you may have heard, news broke yesterday that American biotech company Moderna have been developing a vaccine for Covid-19 that reportedly has a success rate of 94.5% in preventing the virus.

Now, it turns out that the country legend is at least partly responsible for the company success, in a roundabout kind of way.

As someone on Twitter pointed out, Parton donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University's vaccine research program. Researchers from the university were involved in Moderna's trials, and so Dolly Parton is at least partly responsible for their success.

Her involvement was confirmed by the New England Journal of Medicine and needless to say, social media is having a field day.

Good on ya, Dolly.