Due to the colour of her skin, the Irish rapper has had to deal with vile abuse from far-right trolls on social media since bursting onto the Irish music scene.

Limerick rapper Denise Chaila has responded to a torrent of abuse sent her way. Social media users named "Irish Rose xii" and "Professor Jeremiah Honkleberg" have responded to her music videos on YouTube, with hurtful, racist remarks.

Alongside screenshots of those people's abusive comments, Chaila tweeted a response which deserves to be praised.

Writing that she is "proud" of how allegedly divisive her music is, she says: "I’m proud that the work causes chaos in the hearts of racists. I’m proud that the work encourages the vulnerable. I’m proud that fascism is uncomfortable with me."

However, she does acknowledge that "hateful energy" does not deserve a place in her music: "But I’m also here to point out that this hateful energy is like that of a lynch mob. For the record."

A number of Irish musicians and supporters of Denise Chaila shared positive words of encouragement with the performer, such as Conor O'Brien of The Villagers, and Dublin Lord Mayor Hazel Chu.

Chaila has enjoyed huge success over the past few months. She appeared on 'The Late Late Show' last year, performing 'Chaila', while afterwards speaking about internet trolls who, again, have hurled abuse at her in the past.

The performer's latest music video for 'Anseo' with Dublin rapper Jafaris, which released at the end of January, was featured on The Fader, with the New York publication highlighting her "epic new visuals".

Here's Denise Chaila's music video for 'Anseo', which is indeed all kinds of epic.

Denise Chaila's 2020 album 'GO Bravely' is available on Spotify or wherever you get your music, now.