Last night's edition of 'The Late Late Show' saw rap artist Denise Chaila both perform and get an interview, a rare enough occurrence for a first-time performer on the show.

Although, after her interview and her performance, it's not hard to see why. Speaking passionately and brightly on the topics of racism in Ireland, her music, and performing the song 'Chaila', she's clearly a natural talent that's finally hit a mainstream audience.

Funnily enough, Chaila seemed to be fully aware of the fact that her presence was going to be a lightning rod for far-right Twitter trolls, as she specifically said that she wasn't going to check her Twitter account for the next couple of weeks after the show. Yet, practically all of the tweets to her account and about her performance on the night were overwhelmingly positive.

Here's some of them.

Here's her performance of 'Chaila' from last night's show.