As you may know, Tom Hanks has three sons - Colin, Chester (aka Chet) and Truman.

His first-born Colin is a well-respected actor in his own right, but it seems that his youngest half-brother Chet - the eldest child of Tom and Rita Wilson - is marking himself out as the troublesome member of the Hanks clan.

Chet has previously dabbled in rap music, releasing tracks under the name 'Chet Haze' - but his latest foray into music with new song 'White Boy Summer' has caused quite a stir for all the wrong reasons.

In the accompanying video, the 30-year-old - who has also acted in series like the US version of 'Shameless', 'Empire' and 'Your Honor' and is now styling himself as 'Chet Hanx' - is seen wrapping himself in a Jamaican flag and pouring bottles of champagne on scantily-clad models, as he raps lines like “Bad gyal, white don dada / rude boy, it's a white boy summer" and "C-H-E-T, yeah bitch that's me / Put respect on my name next time you see me / Had to struggle for fame, I'm just working my way / Up the motherfuckin' ladder, bitch it's all in a day."

Hanks has found himself in legal trouble of late. His ex-girlfriend Kiara Parker got a restraining order against him in January and is now suing him for 'physical and emotional damages'. Hanks responded to the allegations of abuse by posting a video of himself with a bloody face, claiming that Parker had attacked him with a knife.

The social media reaction to 'White Boy Summer', meanwhile, has been a mixture of bemusement and anger. See a selection of tweets below: