Say hello to Chester Hanks, or 'Chet Haze' as he'd prefer to be called. He's a rapper (much like Daniel Day Lewis's son, only he's attempting to make a career out of it) which recently had to apologise for using the 'N' word. Now he's allegedly torn the arse out of a hotel room, reportedly causing in the region of 1,500 in damages.

According to People's source from Sussex Police, Chester (pictured below with this mother Rita Wilson at the Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close premiere in NYC back in 2011) "Police were called at 3:15 p.m. on Friday, May 29, by a member of staff at the Arora International Hotel in Crawley to a report that a guest had caused an estimated £1,200 of damage to a hotel room."

Hanks, who - as repeatedly pointed out by Howard Stern - has had something of a privileged upbringing when compared to most rap artists, has reportedly lost friends over his use of the N word in his rhymes. One Scrilla King told TMZ: "It's disrespectful. He thinks it's a joke... He wakes up thinking he can be black today and know what we go through. He doesn't. I wake up black every day, he does not."

Meanwhile, the 24-year-old's mum, Rita, has just undergone a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery for breast cancer. She recently had this message to impart to those dealing with cancer:  

"Being diagnosed and then coming back to the play after I was cancer-free, I have to say that the play supplied a real goal of something to look forward to, to do every day, whether it was rehearsal or tech or the performances, you have a community here on Broadway, and there’s nothing like it. I feel like you have a family... “If you’re not sure about anything, get a second opinion and trust your gut. If you are going through something, take it a day at a time and try to find humor in everything you can, and laugh about it because you will get through it... and just be strong.”

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