As was the case for Matthew McConaughey, Bruce Springsteen appeared on not one but two talk shows last night.

The music legend was on both 'The Late Late Show' and 'The Graham Norton Show'. On the former, Bruce Springsteen was asked by Ryan Tubridy about his musical connection with Shane MacGowan.

There had been a celebration of The Pogues frontman on the Irish talk show just recently.

Bruce said: "He's the man, you know? I truly believe, as I sit on my radio show, that a hundred years from now, most of us will be forgotten. But I do believe that Shane's music is going to be remembered and sung. It's just deep in the nature of it.

"So he's a master, for me, and I've a deep, deep appreciation of his work and working with The Pogues."

The rock'n'roll star also praised his Irish fans.


While on 'The Graham Norton Show', Springsteen spoke about how a fan-made guitar helped inspire his latest music.