The newest episode of season 31 will see the Irish star be joined by a bunch of A-listers.

With such a cracking line-up of stars joining Graham Norton tonight, as usual, we don't know where to start.

Top of the sofa tonight are Oscar winners Cate Blanchett, starring in Australian period drama 'The New Boy', and Kate Winslet, who will be talking about her new miniseries 'The Regime'.

And as if that wasn't enough, award-winning singer-songwriter Dua Lipa will be discussing her latest work and upcoming album, and 'Hustle' star Adrian Lester will be chatting about the new historical action series 'Renegade Nell', starring 'Derry Girls' breakout Louisa Harland.

All of that, plus music and chat from Justin Timberlake as he performs his new single 'Selfish'.

You can expect all of this as well as plenty more intrepid members of the audience attempting to recount an anecdote from the dreaded red chair before having their lives flash before their eyes at the pull of a lever.

Catch all of this on 'The Graham Norton Show' tonight at 10.25 pm on BBC One.