Another day, another overprivileged rock star complaining about something ridiculous.

It sounds like Queen guitarist Brian May is in need of a reality check, after he wrote a lengthy blog post ranting about how the seats in the first-class flight he recently took to Los Angeles were not to his liking because he couldn't see out the window.

The blog reads like a parody but appears to be real, as the badger-campaigning musician writes in a blog post titled 'BRITISH AIRWAYS SPOILT THE VIEW': "Travelling on planes has for years been something I have had to do, as part of my job, but I never got bored with enjoying the views . As soon as I'm up there above the clouds, I feel lucky and excited - like a kid on a treat."

He continues: "But - as I fly today with British Airways - I wonder if I am the only person left in the world who likes to relax in a comfortable seat and dreamily turn my head to the window and get lost in the ever-changing wonders of the planet, as they drift by ? I wonder this because I'm not aware of anyone except me complaining about the new way the seats are configured in BA First Class. I hate it. It costs an arm and a leg to travel this way and I feel that we no longer get our money's worth. In the old days you sat right next to the window and the view was wide and spectacular. Now they sit you about three feet from the window and so low down all you can see from your seat is a small patch of sky. It's boring - frustrating.

"Even if you make an effort to clamber closer to the window to get a better view you're totally thwarted. They've put all sorts of junk between the seat and the window - a table, a ledge, an annoying cubbyhole which holds almost nothing - and finally - a massive inner screen containing the blinds which stops you getting any closer than nine inches to the actual window. It completely sucks !!"

As NME reports, a one-way first class ticket to Los Angeles costs around £10,300 (€11,700).

As you can imagine, not many people were sympathetic to May's plight...