Up until the last few days, it was unclear who was favourite to sing the theme for the next Bond film,'No Time to Die'.

Ed Sheeran had been in the frame, along with Dua Lipa - and a recent poll that we conducted saw Lana Del Rey come out on top as a fan favourite for the task.

However, a new name has been thrown into the ring and we have to admit that we're fully on board with this one.

Beyonce has sparked major speculation that she will join the likes of Shirley Bassey, Carly Simon, Nancy Sinatra and err, Sheryl Crow in the 'Bond theme singers' club.

In August 2017, a rep for Beyonce had denied that she was in the frame - but a picture of her sipping a Martini (Bond's drink of choice, of course) at the Golden Globes the other day suddenly seems very pointed.

She posted the pic to Instagram (scroll through).


As a fan on Twitter pointed out, she posted a similar 'hint' picture before she released 'Lemonade'... so either she's got an album called 'Martini' on the way, or she's doing the next Bond theme.

In fairness, she'd be perfect.

The film is released in April, so we can expect an official announcement soon, either way.