James Bond is on the return, so join us for a heap of "What if?" in our speculative Bond 25 theme song extravaganza.

With everyone from Madonna, Tom Jones, A-ha, Tina Turner, and even Adele having a go at a James Bond theme song over the years, here's our top list of who we think might be poised to take up the mantle for Bond 25.


It really is a moment of when, isn't it? Although the Bond theme songs typically tend to favour British artists, it's about time they spread their wings and embraced the range of artists across the pond. Just like she did for 'Austin Powers: Goldmember', Beyoncé has undoubtedly got the capacity, the pipes, and the sass that would really make the theme song all that more unique.


Rolling Stones

If iconic English artists are what 'Bond 25' are looking for, then the inclusion of Rolling Stones is well overdue. The lads aren't getting any younger but they would surely do Bond theme song justice. The only thing that might scupper plans is Mick Jagger's recent heart procedure, following a brief stint in the hospital and US tour plans being put on hold.


Billie Eilish

Dark pop, sick hooks, and James Bond deserve to go together. The only thing that could be holding Eilish back, would be her age. At only 17, is she just a tad too young to take the pressure of such a monumental task? If not this time around, then hopefully the next - when James Bond gets another inevitable reboot.


One of One Direction

Take your pick, because we reckon one of the world's biggest names might be on the cards for the Bond 25 theme song. Ignoring most of their back catalogue as a group, all five of the members have since gone on to grow up in spectacular ways musically. Harry's offerings have admittedly been quite indie/rock; Zayn has gone for more of an R&B vibe; Liam and Louis have mostly stuck to pop; while Niall has embraced his guitar. Their efforts could be a worthwhile inclusion into the Bond narrative.



Paloma Faith

A bit of a wild card perhaps but Paloma Faith's voice is perfect for a Bond theme song. Just as good, if not better, than some of the other female vocalists who have already lent their pipes to Bond such as Shirley Bassey and Gladys Knight, Paloma Faith's vocals have the sultry nature that Bond deserves. Faith previously said she "messed" up her chances at doing the 'Spectre' theme song because she isn't the type of person to be as "cool as a cucumber."

Thom Yorke/Radiohead

Having already had a pop at Bond 24's 'Spectre' and not succeeding, Thom Yorke and Radiohead's song ended up seeing the light of day anyway. While Sam Smith ended up with the title track in the end with 'Writing's on the Wall', Radiohead's track is so much better than Smith's forgettable offering. The best Bond theme song that never was? Perhaps.


Robbie Williams

Robbie Williams has already sampled John Barry's 'You Only Live Twice' with his 1998 track 'Millenium' - so why not let him go the whole hog and get cracking on a full-on Bond theme? His recent offerings have been pop-heavy to say the least but if we were to mix the suave-ness of the above single, with the audacity of 'Rock DJ', a sprinkling of 'Angels', and an injection of Bond's jazz, we might have a winner on our hands.


Dua Lipa

Rumours have been rife for the past year that Dua Lipa has been tipped to perform the latest Bond track. Responding to speculation, the 'IDGAF' singer said last May, "I would love to do it, but I’m not recording it… so far… I don’t want to jinx it. I would love to do it." We've been waiting on a confirmation ever since.

Well, those are our eight choices for the Bond 25 theme song, who would you put on your list?