Happy International Women's Day.

Here are some of the best reactions from Hollywood A-listers, singers, athletes, and Irish and British influencers.

Emma Watson


Miley Cyrus with best mate Ariana Grande (and Beyonce).


Any Schumer got a shameless plug in.


Rapper Common shared this performance from The White House (not recently).


Kylie Minogue on a t-shirt.


And her sister, Dannii.


Jameela Jamil shared quite a funny video, with a strong message.

Irish author, Sarah Breen, whose daughter is keeping her on her toes.


BBC Sport have uploaded a video about Billie Jean King defeating Bobby Riggs, who used to be the world's number one tennis champion, in the 1970's.


German cartoonist Julia Bernhard shared this shocking statistic (and a great cartoon).

UK Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn.


Former professional rugby player, Casey Conway, who is a gay Australian Aboriginal.


Liverpool football club have uploaded a video of male and female players with the club, speaking on female influences in their lifetimes.


British comedian Ellie Taylor retweeted her video about women's equality.


Dua Lipa is urging Governments around the world to continue to protect women's rights.

Richard Branson shared pictures of female Astronauts, who will embark on their first ever all-female space mission.


All of the important female figures in the 'Harry Potter' couldn't go unmentioned.

And lastly, Liam Gallagher is thankful for all the G's in his life.