When you're one of the most successful musical power couples of all time - not to mention one of the richest - money is no object when it comes to buying cars.

No trawling the ads on DoneDeal or trying to haggle with a salesman down their local dealership for Jay-Z and Beyonce. Oh no.

Instead, the pop icon and her rapper husband have reportedly splashed out $28 million (€23 million) on their new wheels - a custom-made Rolls-Royce Boat Tail.

The back of the car has a deck that opens to reveal high-end coolers, a parasol and matching chairs - presumably for whenever the mood takes them for a roadside picnic.

Although an anonymous source has claimed they're the buyers of the luxury car, several things point to Jay-Z - mostly the fact that the trunk/boot includes that high-end cooler/refrigerator "houses the clients’ favourite vintages of Armand de Brignac champagne. Bottles can be rapidly cooled to precisely six degrees – the optimum serving temperature of the preferred vintage."

Considering that Jay-Z bought the Armand de Brignac champagne company in 2014 and still owns half of it today, it all adds up.

There's also the fact that the car's custom colour is Blue, also the name of their eldest daughter. "The clients’ favourite hue: an oceanic blue infused with shimmering crystals," the listing reads. "The complex colour is subtle in shadow and vibrant in light. Its smooth edges were achieved by delicately running a finger over the definitive body line before the paint set."

All of this, added to Jay-Z's well-known love of cars and the couple's love of boating - they've rented out superyachts in the past - make sense.

See pics of the car below: