Hmmmmm. Not sure who I want to slap about the face first. The bird who reckons no one knew about Dublin until Jay Z rapped about it. Or the Irish dude exclaiming "SURE IRISH PEOPLE WOULDN'T KNOW WHO THEY WERE, LIKE!" Or Harvey, who thinks we're currently residing in 1999...

The description under the YouTube video reads: "Jay Z & Beyonce took cute Blue Ivy out for a walk in the park in Ireland, and somehow it looks like they were not bothered by any of the locals. Do they not know that that's JAY Z and BEYONCE?"

To answer your question; yes, we do know who they are, we just have respect for people, and their space. That's why a lot of celebrities have homes here, wouldn't you know.

In short, we're cool as f*ck and don't feel the need to fawn over the famous (much). Capiche?