Hey all of you Sk8er Boi's and Grrrls, get a load of this throwback from one of your favourite early 2000s artists.

If you can believe it, 'Let Go', the album that featured 'Sk8er Boi' and 'Complicated', is 20 years old this month. To celebrate, Avril Lavigne revisited where she took the quintessential album cover all these years later.

Set to the track that blew up on TikTok, 'I'm Just A Kid' by Simple Plan, the rock star headed to the famous Canal Street in New York City to pose for an updated shot. The Canadian star, now 37 years old, was only 17 when the picture was originally taken.

Here's the TikTok.


20 years later…

♬ I'm Just a Kid - Simple Plan

As part of the album being 20 years old this year, Avril has released a 'Let Go (20th Anniversary Edition)' on music streaming services, which features six bonus tracks. One of these tracks is her unreleased version of 'Breakaway', which eventually fell into Kelly Clarkson's lap for her sophomore album of the same name. A double LP vinyl has also been released for this anniversary edition.

The early 2000s rocker (who is still releasing new music FYI) joined the social media platform last year with quite an entrance - she collaborated with skater Tony Hawk, gifting us with a nostalgia overload of a bygone era we desperately wish we could return to.

Avril is currently touring North and South America as part of her 'Love Sux' tour, with dates for Europe and the UK scheduled for 2023. Her seventh album was released earlier this year in February, climbing to number three on the album charts in her home country of Canada.