Tiktok officially has a new subscriber in Avril Lavigne and her first post is perfection.

The video sees Avril Lavigne lip sync to her 2002 hit song "Sk8er Boi."

When the song gets to the chorus and the lyrics "He was a skater boy, She said, 'See ya later, boy'", the shot cuts to professional skater Tony Hawk (donned in the same stripey scarf) as he performs some stunts on a beachfront ramp.

People across social media were absolutely loving the throwback to the 2000s.

The singer's post also coincides with Go Skateboarding Day, an annual celebration of the sport which first began in California in 2004.

Tony Hawk shared a video on Instagram of her trying some skateboarding on her own.

Avril Lavigne has been practising for a while now, as she showed in this post from a few weeks ago on her own Instagram.

She also shared some behind the scenes pics of her and Tony Hawk's collab on social media.

She's not the only big name to join Tiktok recently. Check out Martin Scorsese's gas debut on the platform below.