'The Sopranos' is a timeless show, with the show seeing a recent resurgence online as people are watching (or re-watching) the iconic HBO show during lockdown.

One element of the show that has aged is AJ Soprano and his nu-metal t-shirts, as documented in this glorious Twitter account.

Impeccably portrayed by Rob Iler, AJ Soprano's wardrobe was just as much a part of his character as was rebelling against Tony and Carmella.

In one of the shows best episodes, AJ trashes his school swimming pool, with a young Lady Gaga watching on, which is very indebted to the spirit of nu-metal.

Speaking to the website metalinjection.net, the man who made AJ Soprano famous listed his 5 favourite metal albums of all time.

Iler plumped for Pantera's 1992 'A Vulgar Display Of Power' as his number one pick, with Slipknot's 1999 self-titled album a close 2nd.

"This was tough. I knew my one and two right away, putting them in order was the hard part. Slipknot is so incredible but 'Vulgar Display Of Power' is by far my favourite Pantera album and also has my favourite Pantera song of all time – 'Live In A Hole'," he said.

Rounding out the list is Metallica's 1991 seminal 'Black Album', Tool's 1996 album 'Aenima' and Rage Against The Machine's explosive 1992 self-titled debut.

The actor has a unique reason behind his Tool pick: "When I was turning 16 my friends and I decided to do shrooms for my birthday. One of my friends hugged a speaker while this album played on repeat for what felt like an eternity. Every time I listen to this album I am transported back to my 16th birthday and I love it," he revealed.

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