Beyoncé's 'I am... Sasha Fierce' is 10 years old this week... can you believe it? In honour of the Queen B's album, we've dug up some little nuggets of gold that you might find interesting. 

Releasing on November 12th 2008, little did Beyoncé know that her third studio album would go on to be so historic.


Beyoncé created an alter ego, Sasha Fierce, and she was taken seriously. The singer said she created Sasha Fierce to keep her persona separate from who she really is, saying "I'm not like her in real life at all." So if you're out this weekend and you have a little too much fun, just blame your alter ego like your hero Beyoncé does.


The powerhouse that is 'Halo' is her longest-running single on the Hot 100 chart in the States. The single was certified quadruple-platinum in Australia, and double-platinum in the States and Spain. Always the one to roar your heart out to, the single only reached number four in the Irish chart.




Beyoncé earned six Grammy Awards in 2010 for the album, which was a new record. 'Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)' won three Grammys that year, including 'Song of the Year'. She has won 22 Grammy Awards in her career so far, becoming the second highest female to do so. She's also the most nominated female ever. 


Beyoncé’s 'I Am... World Tour' in 2009 grossed 119.5 million US dollars. She also released a live album of the same name in 2010. Cast your mind back to Oxegen 2010 when Jay-Z headlined, and the rumour that Beyoncé was going to come on stage spread like wildfire. And then remember that it never happened? Turns out she was there all along, but was just watching from the side of stage. The memories we could have made Queen B, the memories!



Beyoncé had more top 10 singles than any other female artist in the 00's. From 'Sweet Dreams' to 'Video Phone' and everything in between, she reigned supreme in the last decade.


Including her time with Destiny's Child, Beyoncé is one of the best-selling artists of all time. Adding it all up together, she's sold over 178 million records worldwide. That figure, together with the not-too-shabby husband Jay-Z's 100 million sales, makes The Carters quite the unstoppable musical force.