There's no point in dressing up tonight, because Beyonce has just won Halloween

Celebrities at Halloween - you don't know what they're going to come up with. This year's stellar effort goes to Beyonce, who has channeled the iconic Toni Braxton from her self-titled debut album cover.

Braxton took to Twitter to share her joy at the images, which Beyonce has captioned "Phoni Braxton". The 51 year old singer said, "Phoni Braxton!? NEVER!!! How do you look better than me on MY album cover? I LOVE IT, Such a superstar! Thanks for the love sis! Happy Halloween (pumpkin emoji). Who run the world...GIRLS! GIRLS!":

And fans are loving it:

Some fans have noticed that this is not the first time Beyonce has donned an outfit from a powerful female icon, as she's dressed as Lil' Kim and Janet Jackson in previous years:

And not a black bin bag or face paint in sight.