If you're looking for new music to devote your time to this month, you don't have too far to go.

2020 got off to a great start with our selection of songs by Irish artists releasing great music in January.

We're continuing that trend into February, with a selection of five tracks we reckon are worth your time.


PRETTY HAPPY – 'Schmuck'

This Cork-based trio are undoubtedly rough 'round the edges, but their energy and enthusiasm can't be faulted. It helps that their new single 'Schmuck' provides four minutes of giddy, breathless, enjoyably unhinged guitar music, with hints of jangly power pop and Pixies-style ragged indie-rock in the mix.


FOX JAW – 'Sun Goes Sideways'

This Limerick band blend rock and grimy pop music to great effect; the result, as heard on their new single, is a strident tune that gurgles with the dark undercurrent plundered by QOTSA or Interpol, but also has the brash mainstream indie appeal of a band like Kasabian. Their new album 'Breathe in the Strange' is out on February 21st.


MOON LOOKS ON – 'Friends Keep Dropping'

A seven-piece band fronted by Sligo native Stephen Gormley, Moon Looks On pull multiple genres into their orbit: everything from folk and soul to reggae and country have been audible in their past releases. Their latest single is an understated little folk-pop tune that's impossible not to tap your toe to.


HARE SQUEAD – 'Minor Gangsters'

From Tallaght but now based in London, this hip-hop duo (who were formerly a trio) were inspired to write this song after a cringeworthy encounter with Conservative politician Rory Stewart (you may have seen it online), who called them 'minor gangsters' after meeting them on the street. Two EPs are on the way in 2020, and this is a tantalising taster of what's to come.


SION HILL – 'Last Minute'

This London-based Dubliner, whose real name is Nathan Johnston, is doing great things in Germany right now; this is his latest release on Warner Music Germany. Written about his terrible timekeeping and inspired by turning up three hours late to the writing session with Rich Turvey (The Coral, Blossoms), it's an ultra-radio-friendly pop ditty.