Following the huge success of recent releases ‘Close’ and ‘Talking To You’, Queer alt-pop sensation St. Bishop shines bright on his latest single ‘Alone’.

‘Alone’ is the second track from St. Bishop’s forthcoming EP (out early next year) and is produced by Alex O’Keefe (RuthAnne) and mixed and mastered by Stephen Lovatt (Sorcha Richardson).

The track is an infectious electro-pop song about finding self-love during the aftermath of a break-up. ‘Alone’ honours the same themes that run through the EP; self-exploration, self-love and the ups and downs those journeys naturally bring.

"I wrote ‘Alone’ about finding self-love during the aftermath of a break-up. When the relationship ended I was initially devastated and was left searching for reasons why. But, over time, I began looking inwards and started to feel a deeper sense of confidence and love brewing."

St. Bishop blends genres of electro-pop, soul and indie as freely as he delves into issues of sexuality, gender identity and radical self-acceptance. Writing in an autobiographical style, he channels his struggles into his writing, and through this process he continues to counsel himself and explore his identity.

1. Your new single 'Alone' focuses on your relationship with yourself. How important, for your music, is that relationship?

The relationship I have with myself has been a running theme throughout my music since the very beginning. I write songs as a method of self-counseling and whether it's a good day or a bad day, sitting down at the piano and singing through my feelings has always helped and sometimes even leads to great songs.

2. How do you feel after releasing new music into the world?

Thankfully I feel really good today. I'm excited and very proud to be sharing these songs, I have spent a few years figuring out how I want things to look and sound, and with this EP I feel like I have achieved just that.

Release days, in general, can be quite anti-climactic. You put in all this work in the weeks leading up to it, it's such a build-up, and then when it's out you're kinda just sitting there in your room looking at your phone, waiting for things to happen and hoping that people will find the music and enjoy it.

Overall it's happiness and a bit of nerves.

3. How have the past two years affected your music?

The past two years have actually been super beneficial to my music. At the beginning of the pandemic, myself and Matt Harris (VETA) spent a good few months working through my stack of demos and together we laid the foundations for the EP. When the time came we opened the project up to Alex O'Keeffe, who then produced the EP with me.

The last two years really helped me get a lot of work and recording done but I have definitely found myself feeling stumped for songwriting inspiration. Not a lot of life happened during those lockdown periods and for me, I get a lot of my inspiration from being out and about, meeting new people, and clearly, from having a love life (good or bad).

Not a lot of any of those things happened over the last two years so yeah, I'm definitely looking forward to finding more inspiration next year. haha.

4. What's it like being back on stage, in front of a crowd?

Oh my god, it feels incredible. Performing shows has always been a huge driving force for me and to be honest, it's one of the main reasons why I do music at all. I've been dreaming of playing shows since I was a kid I am so excited to play A LOT of them in 2022.

I recently played a sold-out show in The Workman's Club and it was my first gig in over two years. I have never felt an adrenalin rush quite like it before, I was so nervous but as soon as we got a few songs into the set everything just clicked and it was a really rewarding experience. Playing this new EP has very quickly become one of my favourite things to do.

5. Describe the best experience of your career, so far.

Oh, that's a tough one, there have been a lot of very fun gigs and wholesome nights over the years but The Workman's Club in September really stands out to me as one I'll remember.

It was the first time I got to perform the new songs that we spent the last two years making and it was also the week I released 'Talking To You'. Just before we got on stage Matt text me to say that 'Talking To You' entered the iTunes charts at no.30! This was my first time ever charting and it felt really fun to be walking out on stage just after hearing that news.

The next morning it ended up going to No.1 on the Irish iTunes Top 100 & Alt-Pop Charts and yeah, it felt really encouraging. A great start to this EP campaign and this new chapter in my career.

6. Name one act (Irish or otherwise) that you would love to collaborate with.

There are a lot of super talented Irish artists that I would to collaborate with and Denise Chaila is definitely at the top of that list. I recently caught her set at Mother's Summer Block Party and she gave one of the most captivating performances I have seen in a long time. Her energy and stage presence was on another level. I would love if our paths crossed at some point.

7. Name one record that everyone should hear and why.

My dear friend Maria Kelly just released her debut album 'the sum of the in between' and it is absolutely spectacular. From its opening lines to closing sentiments, the entire body of work is completely enthralling.

8. What's the one song you wish you'd written?

100000% 'Lazy Nina' by Greg Phillinganes.

9. Who are the biggest influences of your music?

In terms of song-writing, I always look to Troye Sivan, Honne & Jordan Rakei. Vocally I love to sing and take inspiration from Luther Vandross, Prince & Stevie Wonder's music.

10. Finally, what are your plans for the next few months?

The next few months are going to be a lot of fun. I'll be busy rehearsing the live show and getting ready to release the EP, which comes out in early 2022.

I'm also in my final two months of a Post-Grad, so I'll also be writing essays in my bedroom and probably crying. FUN!

St. Bishop's new single 'Alone' is available to stream here. Be sure to also follow him on Twitter and Instagram for future updates.