1987 Comedy | Family

Achiel Matheussen owns a bakery in a small village. He is only 50, but his work has left deep scars. He hopes Jos, his son from a first marriage, will become a cycling champion but his work in the bakery has an adverse effect on his sporting achievements. Ella, his second wife, is not a great support either: she dreams of becoming a film star, preferably in Hollywood. Up to now she has had to content herself with a part in the local theatre company where Grégoire Ghijsels plays opposite her in the play The Deceived Count. Achiel doesn't like theatre, even less the flirtations between Grégoire and his wife, and he is in desperate need of help in the bakery. Ella proposes to get Hector, her second cousin, out of the orphanage, where he was left as a baby 35 years ago. So Hector is going to spend the holidays with his uncle Achiel and his aunt Ella, whose life wil soon be turned upside-down.

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