The cat's ourra the bag! Jennifer Maguire and Bernard O'Shea (mostly) of Republic of Telly fame will be setting their alarms well before dawn's crack as they're due to be announced as 2FM's new breakfast hosts later today. Someone else will be pushing the buttons on the desk while the get to have a laugh.

Hector announced he was departing his morning slot back in December after three years of "keepin' her lit."

Given the early hour, Maguire and O'Shea will have to get used to watching their P's 'n Q's, unlike one of their many viral forays below.

Hopefully they won't have too many restrictions thrust on them, or too many producers stifling the spontaneity...

Hate to say it, but that 2FM breakfast slot has a habit of sucking the funny out of people. Colm and Jim Jim, anybody?