1998 Action/Adventure | Drama | Suspense/Thriller

In Russia, there has long been a society of billiards, whose members are scattered throughout the country. Many of them have long become millionaires. And they should thank the old school teachers for this. Most of these old people live starving and lonely. In order to somehow brighten up their old age, the new generation of billiards decided to chip in and give their teachers a big mansion, where there will be decent food, good medical care and fresh air. No one refused his share of the contribution, except for an authority by the name of Savitsky. Soon, he completely changes his mind and organizes an ambush on the road, takes away not only his own money, but also his total money. The barely surviving couriers report this to all members of the community. The group comes up with a decent punishment by sending him a professional pool player nicknamed Classic. The bandit will have to fight with a virtuoso who prefers to play for large sums in order to save money.

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