In the run up to Christmas, most of us will be out looking for the latest tech and gadgets to get our loved ones (like these bad boys) but the best gift you can give them might be your old iPod.

We know, it seems a bit strange, but if you threw it in a drawer somewhere and you think you might know where it is, then you could be in store for a nice payday online. A few months ago, Apple stopped making the classic iPod, complete with clickwheel, and they have since started selling online for a hugely-inflated sums.

This is more than simply a hipster-retro revival that has come all too soon, rather it is to do with the size of storage on the 'classic' devices, which went as high as 160GB, and so they are becoming a most-wanted gift for all music lovers with huge libraries that don't fit on the new models, which only hold up to a maximum of 64GB.

According to the AV Club, the devices are selling for up to $899.99 (€724) and being labelled as 'vintage' or 'rare', while The Guardian report that they're selling for over £670 (€844) with one of the limited edition U2 versions of the device scooping a whopping $90,000 at auction recently. 

Apple have stated that they won't be bringing the device back, despite the demand or the fact that people are willing to pay silly money for it, as it seems that they simply can't find the parts for it, "not anywhere on Earth", according to Tim Cook. All the more reason to go rooting through your pile of unused gadgets in the attic, it would seem...

Via A.V. Club. Main pic via Carl Berkeley/flickr