Since it was announced a week or two ago, the NES Classic has now become the must-have gift for anyone over the age of 25 for this Christmas.

Packed with 30 games, an old-school Nintendo controller and the ability to play on modern HD televisions, the NES Classic is more than likely going to sell out pretty quickly. In fact, pre-sales are already open and the thing is going to be available until the middle of November.


Doubling down on the nostalgia of it all, Nintendo released an old-school trailer for the Classic NES that even uses the old-school logline from the original Nintendo.

Here's the updated one for the Classic NES...

And here's the original one from way back when...

As you can see, Nintendo's really going hard for the over-25 audience and, to be honest, it's about time. Retro gaming is hugely popular with older audiences and with the likes of gaming bars opening up across Europe (and talk of one here in Ireland), it's good to see that old-school gamers are finally get a look in.

According to those who've actually seen a physical version of it, the Classic NES is roughly three times smaller than the original NES and also has the ability to work with a Wii Classic controller - if you're one of the five or six people that had one.

The Classic NES will be available from November 11th and should be priced around €60.00 here in Ireland. The UK price has been set at £49.99, so expect it to be somewhere north of that for us. Or you could buy it in pound sterling, considering the exchange rate has gone through the floor? Hooray for Brexit!