The Terminator franchise looked dead and buried at the start of the year. 

Terminator Genisys' poor box office performance (although it took $440m worldwide it only made a paltry $90m domestically) meant that it looked like plans to have a new trilogy of Terminator movies had been shelved. An immediate sequel had been pulled from it's release date of May 19th 2017 and replace with The Rock and Zac Efron starring Baywatch movie. With the rights to the franchise set to revert back to James Cameron in 2019 it looked like that would be it for everyone's favourite cybernetic organism. 

That is until the big man himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger indicated in a recent interview that a Genisys sequel would be happening.

"I'm looking forward to it." Schwarzenegger said to Australia's Channel 9. "Yeah absolutely."

Now of course it's not down to just Arnold as to whether or not a sequel will go ahead but we'd doubt he'd be so cruel as to toy with the fans like that unless there are some pretty positive talks amongst the studio execs about moving forward with a sequel. Perhaps they might just go ahead with one more movie rather than the planned trilogy?

If it does happen, it could mean that Schwarzenegger will be spending the next two years of his life reliving former glories as there's been rumours that he'll also be returning to both the Predator and Conan franchises too. 

Via Digital Spy