Daniel Radcliffe has donned the mustache and curls for the upcoming satirical biopic of Weird Al Yankovic.

The 33-year-old has cut out a rather niche path for himself in terms of his post-Potter acting career. By the trailer, his next starring role is no different.

Radcliffe takes on the nerdiness of Weird Al Yankovic, the famous parody songwriter who shot to fame in the 80's. In what is essentially a satirical parody itself, 'WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story' explores the "true" events that lead the comedic singer to fame.

In the first trailer, we are introduced to Evan Rachel Wood as Madonna, the love interest of the movie. We also catch a glimpse of Quinta Brunson as Oprah Winfrey. 'The Office' star Rainn Wilson also features as radio broadcaster Dr. Demento, who helped bring Yankovic to national attention.

Radcliffe stated earlier in the year that "wearing the Hawaiian shirt is a huge responsibility that I don't take lightly, and I'm honoured to finally share with the world the absolutely 100 percent unassailably true story of Weird Al's depraved and scandalous life."

The movie "holds nothing back, exploring every facet of Yankovic's life, from his meteoric rise to fame with early hits like 'Eat It' and 'Like a Surgeon' to his torrid celebrity love affairs and famously depraved lifestyle."

Yankovic himself and Eric Appel ('Brooklyn Nine Nine', 'Silicon Valley') wrote the script. Appel is also directing and executive producing the film.

Check out the trailer below.

'WEIRD: The Al Yankovic Story' arrives on the Roku Channel on November 4.