Calm down now, we mean that literally.

The newest look at Avengers: Age of Ultron debuted on US TV last night at the time the original was supposed to air before it leaked last week, forcing Marvel's hand to bring forward the teaser trailer (which we're still not over).

This time around we get a look at our Avengers team in their downtime in what we imagine is Stark's new gaff, drinking some beers and talking over Thor's hammer and how no one but him can lift it because they're 'unworthy'. Which of course is not something that the team take lightly, with Tony Stark having a go without and then with an Iron Man glove before trying again with War Machine's help. And then Captain America has a go, and while he fails, there's a slight wobble which causes a moment of severe doubt for Thor.

After they're all defeated, we segue into the Age of Ultron trailer that we've already had a look at, with the big bad marching out on top of the Avengers and then everything going down. Only 6 months to go until it's in cinemas (can we be frozen in ice until then to hurry that along?).