Ahead of the highly anticipated Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049 – which is getting absolutely brilliant reviews by the way – Sony has released three short films which serve as prequels to the feature.

The first two films were 2036: Nexus Dawn, which saw Jared Leto’s villainous Niander Wallace show off a new line of androids, while 2048: Nowhere To Run focussed on Dave Bautista’s aging replicant Sapper.

The third and final short film prequel, named Black Out 2022, is totally unique in that it is anime. The short comes from Cowboy Bebop creator Shinichiro Watanabe with a soundtrack from Flying Lotus. It plays an integral role in explaining an important part of Blade Runner history. The film depicts public outrage and attacks on replicants, who eventually learn to fight back.

According to an official timeline of events from Warner Bros, it tells the important story of an “EMP detonation [which] caused a global blackout that had massive, destructive implications all over the world.”