'El Camino Christmas'

Tim Allen is in another Christmas movie, believe it or not. Except he's everything that Santa Claus isn't, in 'El Camino Christmas'. The movie, which occurs on Christmas Eve, sees a group of people ending barricaded together in an American liquor store. There are a number of familiar faces starring in the movie, including Jessica Alba as a news reporter, and Kurtwood Smith as Sherrif Bob, who you'll remember from 'That 70's Show'.


'Almost Christmas'

'Almost Christmas' revolves around a father's wish to have all of his family together under one roof for five days of Christmas. Doesn't sound like too much of a hard task, except this family is very dysfunctional. Starring the legendary Danny Glover (Lethal Weapon), and a scene-stealing Mo'Nique (The Parkers), it's certainly one to watch if you think your family is hard to get along with at Christmas time.


'Christmas with the Coopers'

If there's only one Christmas comedy you watch this year, make it this one. Starring Diane Keating, John Goodman, and Amanda Seyfried among many others, the Cooper family sure have a lot of star-studded relatives. The plot-line of the festive comedy involves four generations of family stories being told while they all try to make it to their annual reunion on Christmas Eve. Try not to watch too much of the trailer below, as it gives away a lot of funny moments.


'A Very Murray Christmas'

Just going by the title alone, you know it's gonna be a good'un. While technically not a movie and more of an hour-long variety show, 'A Very Murray Christmas' is one of the best Christmas comedies on Netflix. Stuffed full of special guests including George Clooney, Amy Poehler, and Chris Rock, the musical special involves Bill Murray scrambling around a hotel to try and get participants for a live festive show.


'Uncle Nick'

'Uncle Nick' is a comedy for those whose family matters always seem to kill the Christmas vibes during the holiday season. Nick, who also happens to be an uncle, spends his Christmas with family, and turns to alcohol to make the day that bit more bearable. Relatable to us all, the movie stars Brian Posehn (New Girl) and Scott Adsit (30 Rock).


If Christmas comedies on Netflix aren't your thing, we've also got the best non-Christmas Christmas movies that Netflix has to offer, as well as the top family movies, and Christmas classics.