Although it's still in cinemas in a couple of places, it looks like you may possibly see another version of it in the cinemas again - or, at the very least, at home on DVD and Blu-Ray.

It's been confirmed by EW that an uncut version of 'Deadpool 2' will debut at San Diego Comic Con "with a few pals" in the coming weeks, and while details were light on exactly how many minutes would be added on to the film, it does seem likely that it's going to be more about jokes too outrageous and weird for the theatrical release.

The writers Rhett Rheese and Paul Wernick have spoken before about jokes that were cut from it as they were either too dark, or done so to appease their corporate overlords. One, in particular, featured Deadpool drawing a moustache onto a baby. If you've seen the movie, that'll make sense. Kind of.

Expect more information on what the uncut version will feature after its screening at San Diego Comic Con.