Splicing World War II iconography with vastly different genres is something Tarantino did pretty successfully with 'Inglorious Basterds', but beyond that, it hasn't worked well - or, rather, it's been done in a way that's mocking both.

For example, 'Dead Snow' saw zombie Nazis whilst 'Iron Sky' follow Nazis who fled to the moon and returned to attack humanity in the present day. In other words, trying to make a horror World War II film hasn't been done with any kind of seriousness - and it looks like 'Overlord' is doing something similar.

The trailer features anachronistic music - AC/DC's 'Hell's Bells', for example - and a load of very, very bloody makeup effects. There's also flamethrowers, some very trailer-friendly dialogue, and much more besides. JJ Abrams' involvement, of course, has people thinking that 'Overlord' is a part of the Cloverfield universe - or Clover-verse, if you will - but the producer has been pretty adamant that it isn't.

Whether it is or isn't is irrelevant, because this looks like some trashy fun regardless. 'Overlord' arrives in Irish cinemas on October 25th.