In fact, there's a good chance you can probably remember half of them. "If he dies, he dies." That's one. "I must break you." That's another. "You vill lose." That's one more.

Anyway, the Honest Trailer for 'Rocky IV' zones in on the weird relationship between Uncle Paulie and that robot, not to mention the fact that nobody's heard of Ivan Drago before boxing him - despite the fact he's an Olympic gold medallist and the World Amateur Boxing champion. But, sure - whatever.

Also picked up on here is the endless training montages in 'Rocky IV', but let's not forget that it did also give us 'Hearts On Fire', the Greatest Gym Song Ever Made. Seriously, blast that when you're on a treadmill and you'll literally burst through a wall when it's done.

Take a look. And yes, it's meant to look like a VHS trailer.