Although it's due for release for later this week, there's a strict review embargo up for 'Venom' that ends later tonight - however the embargo doesn't extend to social media reactions, and they've been pretty negative so far.

While obviously full reviews are clearly a far better examination of a movie, not to mention actually seeing it yourself, these initial reactions do appear to be painting a picture that doesn't exactly portend good news for Sony. Most of the reactions seem to point to a huge variance in tone, whilst some pointed out that the movie itself is far behind the curve on where superhero movies currently are.

Meanwhile, Tom Hardy's performance was shown to be pretty weird, which tracks pretty much with behind-the-scenes footage we saw some time ago. Here's a selection of tweets so far from US journalists who saw the movie at its world premiere in Los Angeles last night.

Our review of 'Venom' goes live tomorrow morning, with the movie itself going on release the same day.