With news coming in today that Spider-Man is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe and that Andrew Garfield is to be replaced, we thought we'd do a spot of wild speculation as to who could possibly replace Garfield.

No doubt agents are already lobbying Marvel and Disney, but here's six choices we think would be perfect to portray the friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man.



He was impressive in The Maze Runner and showed that he's more than capable of holding a film up and doing action sequences. He's got the look and the right age to play a young, early-20's Peter Parker and, hopefully, has the comedic chops to play up Spider-Man's lighter moments. The only catch is that he's not exactly name-recognition, but if they can get him on the cheap and build a role for him like they did with Chris Hemsworth, there might be something there.



Also a Maze Runner co-star, Brodie-Sangster is currently starring in the incredible BBC miniseries Wolf Hall and he previously did a stint on Game of Thrones. He may look a little TOO young, but if he bulks up a bit, he could be an interesting choice.



We spoke recently with Douglas Booth and asked him about what he had lined up next. The actor, who was a gracious interviewee, clammed up immediately - which means it's a big role. Really big. Could Douglas Booth be playing Spider-Man next, we wonder? Those model-quality looks might play against him as Peter Parker. He's meant to be this dorky-looking kid, not some Armani model type. Now, if you said he was going to play the next Harry Osborn, then yes. That he can do. Much the same way James Franco did it in the original trilogy. Speaking of Franco...



Yes, it's kind of meta to have the brother of James Franco playing Spider-Man, but we think this is a really good choice. Firstly, Dave Franco is funny. Spider-Man had this fantastic humourous streak in the comics that was lost when Tobey Maguire all mopey and Andrew Garfield, bless him, couldn't really pull it off. Spider-Man is supposed to be a working-class Tony Stark - a witty, sarcastic, self-aware superhero. We think Dave Franco's a lock here.



He's campaigned publicly for the role and let's not forget that Spider-Man was African-American for a run in the comics. Plus, like Franco the Younger, he's got a comedic background and he looks the part too. It's not outside the realms of possibility and we personally would love - LOVE - to see Donald Glover as Spider-Man, but we can't see this happening. Still, it means he can keep doing Childish Gambino albums and possibly even return to Community...?




No.... no. No.