There's good news for film lovers this morning as it has been announced that the SAG-Aftra strike is finally over.

The actors' union came to an agreement with film and TV studios in Hollywood last night, announcing that the strike would officially come to an end at 12.01am.

The main points of the agreement were a protection for actors against the use of AI in film and TV, as well as a pay increase of 7% (2% more than the increases recently agreed for writers and directors) - and now the agreed deal will go out to the national SAG-Aftra board for approval tomorrow.

The SAG-Aftra deal is said to be worth $1 billion and includes increased pension and health contributions, pay increases for background actors, as well as a 'streaming participation bonus'; streaming was a major bone of contention in both the writers' and actors' strikes.

The strike began on Friday, July 14th and lasted 118 days, seeing many high profile actors taking to picket lines outside studios in Los Angeles.

The biggest takeaway for fans from this whole ordeal is that it means that shows or films that have previously been on hold for months can now resume.