A tease for the 'Breaking Bad' movie appeared to drop on social media last week. But now people aren't so sure.

Wrapping in 2013, 'Breaking Bad' was one of those rare shows that achieved cult status and had the perfect ending. In fact, many fans are questioning whether a movie is needed at all.

In any case, a teaser posted on the social media accounts of its stars Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul had many believing the long-rumoured film might finally be on the way.

Both actors posted a picture of two donkeys with the caption "Soon'.


Since then, they've posted the following image with the words "Even sooner."



While several people are sure this must be about the movie, there remains the distinct chance that this has nothing to do with 'Breaking Bad' at all and is a completely different project the guys are working on together.

Let's not forget how sequels have been teased in the past and they've turned out to just be commercials. 'The Big Lebowski', we're looking at you.

It's worth noting that the two actors are soon bringing out a mezcal tequila called Dos Hombres. So there's that.