The Big Lebowski fans will of course remember The Dude as a slacker and avid bowler who accidentally gets himself into all kinds of trouble.

It has been over 20 years since the film hit cinemas and it still has a big cult following. Many consider it Joel and Ethan Coen's best movie.

Bridges recently tweeted a a 15 second video featuring the character (also known as Jeffrey Lebowski) which made film Twitter go nuts.

"Can't be living in the past, man," Bridges wrote in the tweet. "Stay tuned."

The clip ends with a date - 2/3/19. At the bottom, you can just make out a copyright stamp for Universal Studios (which distributed The Big Lebowski on home entertainment previously).

February 3rd 2019 is the date of the Super Bowl, the biggest day of the year for commercials. Thus it's more likely that the character will feature in an ad than come back for a new movie. Still, one can dream. Plus we always have the spin-off following John Turturro’s Jesus Quintana to look forward to - though we haven't had an update for a while now.