Genetically. Engineered. Predator.

If that's not enough to get you excited about 'The Predator', then you're in the wrong place. This new teaser introduces a much, much taller Predator creature who appears to be less interested in skinning humans and actually appears to be fighting one of its own kind.

You've also got some of the snappy one-liners that you'd expect from Shane Black and Fred Dekker and there's even a brief glimpse of heat-vision in the logos too. The only thing this trailer's missing? 'Long Tall Sally', by Little Richard. That song has got to - GOT TO - feature somewhere in this movie and our guess is the bus driver transporting the ensemble cast is playing it on his radio. Is that too obvious, perhaps?

Also, Shane Black and Fred Dekker's previous collaboration, 'Monster Squad', just so happens to be the topic of discussion of this week's Revisit section on The Filum Show which you can now watch on YouTube and subscribe to on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud or wherever you get your podcasts.

OK, that's the contractually-obligated podcast plug over and done with. 'The Predator' arrives in Irish cinemas on September 14th.