'The New Mutants' has shifted release dates so much that most people assumed it was never actually going to see the light of day.

Originally, the movie was slated for release as far back as April 2018, but that was then pushed back after Fox apparently disliked the movie that director Josh Boone had put together. This is key to understanding why the movie is now finally making its way to cinemas in April of this year.

So, after the release date was pushed back, it was pushed to February 22nd 2019 so as to not compete with 'Deadpool 2'. That release date, of course, came and went with no movie. Fast forward a few months, and it looks as though the movie isn't going to see the light of day and will instead be dropped on Disney+ or Hulu.

Massive reshoots - rumoured at one point to be close to 50% - were ordered by Fox in order to make the movie more palatable, with many believing that it was another 'Fantastic Four' with Josh Trank in the works.

All that changed, however, as recently as a few days ago as Josh Boone posted this on his personal Instagram, confirming that a new trailer he and co-writer Knate Lee personally supervised is due to land online tomorrow. What's more, Boone said in the comments that he wouldn't be promoting the movie if wasn't the version he intended to make in the first place.


Going by the trailer that debuted two years ago that had a lot of traction, 'The New Mutants' was going for a distinctly horror vibe, with Boone citing the likes of 'The Lost Boys' and 'A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors' as his inspiration.

In fact, Marilyn Manson re-recorded 'Cry Little Sister' from the latter as a tie-in song for the movie. So far, April 3rd locked in for release and the odds are that this won't change as Disney have apparently knocked all the intended reshoots and are pressing forward with the original cut.

Simon Kinberg, who directed the disastrous 'X-Men: Dark Phoenix', was apparently overseeing the direction for 'The New Mutants' and its reshoots, but it now appears that he's no longer involved. Again, it's early stages yet and given how release dates for this movie appear to be fluid, it could well be kicked off again.

Here's Manson's cover of 'Cry Little Sister', because it's actually a pretty great song.