There's is no doubting that Michael Fassbender is one of ours (and Germany's, to be fair) finest exports. An incredible actor who has already been nominated for an Oscar - though he should've flat out won one for Shame.

His latest film had awards buzz from the moment it was announced. It stars Fassbender and his Oscar-winning other-half, Alicia Vikander. The Light Between Oceans is also directed by Derek Cianfrance who got incredible performances out of Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine - as well as overseeing Bradley Cooper's best work in The Place Beyond The Pines. He doesn't make them light.

But reviews have been so-so and the box-office returns show a lack of potential as the distributor looks to garner the film a wider audience, opening on a large 1500 screens. That's big for a dense $20 million drama. It currently stands at 60% on Rotten Tomatoes and took just under $6 million for the holiday weekend. Granted, its budget is $20 million so the financial risk isn't huge.

An old school agent would tell Michael Fassbender he needs a franchise and he's trying that with Assassin's Creed. No one is doubting his ability as an actor - he's one of the best of his generation - but audiences will need to start turning up for his name so he remain at the top of the A-list pile.