Allow the sister of the groom to take us down a puke-filled memory lane.

Melissa McCarthy has shared some 'Bridesmaids' throwback snaps from over 10 years ago. The pictures were taken while shooting one of the best comedies of the last decade and includes a rather unsavoury image from that wedding dress shopping scene.

'Bridesmaids' hit cinema theatres in 2011, and not long after was hailed as one of the finest comedies in recent memory. Created by Kristen Wiig, she led a phenomenal comedic cast that included Maya Rudolph, Rose Byrne, Ellie Kemper, Rebel Wilson, Chris O'Dowd and the aforementioned Melissa McCarthy.

To celebrate it being 10 years since its debut, Melissa has shared three pictures taken while filming. In the movie, she played straight-talking, puppy-loving, carpel tunnel glove-wearing Megan. Essentially, this was Melissa's big movie debut. A relatively small part all the same, she managed to ensure that she caught the audience's attention for all the right, if somewhat chaotic, reasons.

Here's the post that the actor shared on Instagram, which she captioned with: "Who knew the recipe for joy would involve vomit, a carpal tunnel glove and a Kangol hat. Happy 10 year anniversary Bridesmaids!!! I’d marry you all over again."

The director of 'Bridesmaids' Paul Feige was recently interviewed by Insider where he dished out some little-known happenings surrounding the movie. He revealed that Matt Damon was originally written into the script to make a cameo appearance during a dream sequence with Kristin Wiig's character, but the idea was later changed.

Should you wish to rewatch 'Bridesmaids' for the 100th time, you can do so via Amazon Prime.