10 years on from its trailblazing success, director Paul Feige has taken a look back at his female-led comedy that we're all still in love with.

Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, Melissa McCarthy, and Rose Byrne all starred in arguably one of the best comedies of the past decade. But it turns out all these years later that they may have been joined by Matt Damon in 'Bridesmaids' too, albeit for a cameo appearance.

Director Paul Feige recently sat down with Insider for an in-depth look back at his famed comedy movie from 10 years ago. The script was written by Wiig, who was at the time still part of the 'SNL' ensemble, and Feige was asked to attend the movie's first table read - after which he was told by friend Judd Apatow that the movie was "dead".

After finally managing to bring the movie back to life, the next stage was casting. Mindy Kaling was originally considered for the role of Lillian, but the crew decided Wiig needed someone she was closer with - naturally, her 'SNL' co-star Rudolph was the perfect fit.

Another element which Feige revealed that nearly didn't happen is the pivotal scene of when the bridal party go dress shopping. None of us will forget what happened during that fateful scene after a spout of food poisoning - "It's happening, it's happening... It happened" - but it turns out that wasn't the original idea.

Originally, Matt Damon was going to appear in a dream chopping wood alongside Wiig's character Annie. Here's Feige to explain the team's first concept: "Originally there was a scene between the restaurant and the dress shop where they go shopping for wedding gifts. Annie is picking out cheap stuff that she thinks Lillian will like, and Helen is picking out shrimp forks. So we had this bit about tiny shrimp forks. It was really funny. We shot it at a Macy's in the middle of the night. That just got cut because we had too much movie.

"After that, we go into the dress shop. Annie goes in the dressing room to try on this really expensive dress, and suddenly she has a fantasy of what her life could be in this dress. It's this romance feel with her running through the woods and Matt Damon is shirtless chopping wood.

"But during the rewrites, Judd and I felt it needed something more. There needed to be a consequence to Annie's actions, and she needs to be humiliated in front of Helen and the other bridesmaids. So we came up with the food poisoning from being at a s---ty restaurant.

"But here's the thing: Everyone remembers all the s---ting and farting and throwing up, but the only reason that scene is funny is because Annie will not admit that she f---ed up. We always felt there needed to be a moment when Annie is just like, 'I'm fine. That restaurant was great.' Despite her friends s---ting and puking in this very white place."

Weirdly, we're happy the Matt Damon wood-chopping scene never made it into 'Bridesmaids'. What unfolded was probably much more memorable, for all the wrong (but hilarious) reasons.

You can read the full Paul Feige interview with Insider here. 'Bridesmaids' is available to watch on Amazon Prime.