In a world where anything is possible these days, it seems that Mariah Carey is gunning for a role in the new 'Mean Girls' movie - and it might actually happen.

Being quizzed by movie creator Tina Fey with questions on the original comedy movie from 2004, the newly-formed Mariah Carey 'Mean Girls' idea happened while both stars were talking about 'Jingle Bell Rock', the song that the Plastics dance to every Holiday season.

After the question is asked, Carey pipes up to say she's "a little bit disappointed that they’re not dancing to my song", but she does admit that song is "a bit older" than her runaway hit 'All I Want For Christmas Is You'.

Taking this slight swipe at her, Fey retorted that maybe if Carey gives her new 'Mean Girls' movie the rights to her Christmas song, she would happily include it in the follow-up. The songstress ended up doing one better, saying that she'd even consider creating a whole new Christmas track to be used in the movie - now we are talking.

She added that she should have a role in the movie as well, saying her character "can be friends with Amy Poehler, as her other friend that wears sweatsuits" - which sounds like the perfect pairing. Here's part of the Billboard interview.

Currently titled 'Mean Girls: The Sequel!', Fey's new entry in the 'Mean Girls' franchise is based on the musical version, which itself is of course based on the movie. Announced back in January, Fey is writing the script, with her ex-'SNL' boss Lorne Michaels producing.

As far as we know, none of the movie's original cast has yet been signed up, but both Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams have previously voiced wanting to return to their characters. How fetch!