Spider-Man: Homecoming has been in production for a while now but it's only in the past week that we've been learning more and more about the film's plot. 

On Friday, we got word that Peter Parker's love interest will be a lot more familiar to fans than previously anticipated. Then over the weekend, a leaked call sheet found it's way onto Reddit and it seems to reveal that in addition to Michael Keaton's The Vulture and Michael Chernus as The Tinkerer, there'll be one more villain that the web slinger is going to have to contend with.

Bokeem Woodbine, who'd previously been named in casting announcements for an unspecified role, will be playing Herman Schultz, AKA The Shocker. 

The Shocker's inclusion means that Spider-Man: Homecoming now has three villains which didn't exactly work out all that well for Spider-Man 3 or The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Here's hoping Homecoming can do what it's predecessors couldn't manage three villains without the film descending into chaos. 

Via Uproxx