It's actually the 14th of August and we're now promoting a Christmas movie.

It's not that we don't love Christmas, or even that we don't enjoy Christmas movies - it's that it is the 14th of August and we're talking about Christmas. Come on. Leave this until September at the very earliest.

Anyway, the trailer for 'Last Christmas' does actually look like a lot of festive-themed fun, with a cracking line-up of talent in front of and behind the camera. Obviously, you've got Emilia Clarke from 'Game of Thrones' and 'Crazy Rich Asians' star Henry Golding as the meet-cute couple, Emma Thompson as her Russian mother and co-screenwriter with 'A Pacifist's Guide to the War on Cancer' playwright Bryony Kimmings. 'Bridesmaids' director Paul Feig is behind the camera, and to top it all off, the movie is based on the music of George Michael.

Can you say 'Mamma Mia'-levels of enthusiasm? Because that's clearly what they're trying to evoke. It makes sense, as Clarke and Golding as so despicably likeable, and not to mention Emma Thompson co-writing a romantic comedy set at Christmas is bound to be something very special. Plus, who doesn't love George Michael's music? Nobody, that's who.

'Last Christmas' hits Irish cinemas on November 15th.