Pete Davidson may be best known for being engaged to Ariana Grande for a few weeks and his work about that same fact on 'SNL', but he's branching out into movies.

Sure enough, he's teamed up with Judd Apatow to make a semi-autobiographical movie - 'The King of Staten Island' - about his own relationship with his father, who died during 9/11 working as a firefighter, and how he failed to deal with it since then.

Marisa Tomei plays Davidson's on-screen mother, who sparks up a relationship with Billy Red-Balls himself, Bill Burr, who plays a firefighter who knew Davidson's father. By all accounts, the movie looks like it will have that potent mixture of comedy and drama that Judd Apatow is able to render and Davidson, for all the stick he gets, can do the kind of vulnerable comedy that Apatow's known for.

'The King of Staten Island' was originally supposed to be released in cinemas, but has since been pushed to PVOD on June 12th.

Here's the full trailer.