There are so often instances in our profession where quotes are misattributed, context is removed, and a distillation of a larger point is made for the sake of a good headline.

Friends, let us be clear that what you've just read is an accurate rendering of what Kate Winslet told THR in an interview. Her upcoming movie, 'Ammonite', sees Winslet's character engage in an intense and sexually-charged affair with Saoirse Ronan at a time when same-sex relationships were not only socially forbidden, but actually outlawed in England.

In describing the setup for some of the scenes, Winslet explained that she and Ronan choreographed their sex scenes together. "It’s definitely not like eating a sandwich. I just think Saoirse and I, we just felt really safe. Francis (Lee, the director of 'Ammonite') was naturally very nervous. And I just said to him, ‘Listen, let us work it out.’ And we did."

Now, while it's great to applaud actors taking the lead in a scene of such an intimate nature, we have to circle back to the sandwich comment. Is the inference that eating a sandwich is somehow boring or pedestrian? Or is it the exact opposite? Some sandwiches can be pretty close to sexual, in fairness. Maybe not all the way up to sapphic trysts in ye olde times sexual, but still pretty decent. Maybe that says more about us than it does them?

After all, sex scenes are often done in a very staged, controlled manner to ensure that both actors feel comfortable and in control in the scene. You eat a really good, messy sandwich, and you're just letting that thing go everywhere and anywhere. Who gives a shit, right? Is that what she's saying then, that choreographing a sex scene is much more in control?

Winslet, for her part, said that the scenes she did together with Ronan among "the proudest I’ve ever felt doing a love scene... (and) I felt by far the least self-conscious." That's all well and good, but we need clarity on the sandwich issue. Obviously, we're taking one comment in an interview way too literally, but if there's a really good sandwich out there that she's referring to it, we'd like to know about it.

Kate Winslet, please have your publicist make contact with us.